Here is a question that I hear quite often: Do I need to put 20% down to purchase a home? The answer is NO; you don’t have to. The more you put down, the less risky it is for the lender. As a first-time homebuyer, it is tough to comeContinue Reading

Let me guess….you are a first time home buyer and you are very confused about which steps to follow when purchasing your first home! Guess what! You are not alone! Actually, this is the first step in getting a house: Mortgage Loan Approval Process. Of course, we will not getContinue Reading

So you are looking to become a homeowner and you have no idea where to start, am I right? Great, I can help you with that! Buying your first house is a very big step and the journey isn’t always easy, but when you get the keys to your newContinue Reading